The Nayamsoft Team

We are A Team of craving minds working together to deliver technologically superior yet simple products that matches clients' needs.

Our Team lives, breathes innovation and excellence. We build products, provide expert consultancy services, above all else we value creativity and team work.


We are here to innovate, collaborate and provide solutions to cater to state of the art technological products and T24 Expert Consultancy Services.

Our aim is to impart holistic solutions resulting in satisfaction to our clientele and continuously exploring to find areas to improvise our services.


Nayam in Tamil (one of the few oldest languages on earth spoken till today) means special skill.

We create special softwares and we provide skilled consultants.

Work With Us

Want to be a part of our great team?

Nayamsoft is looking for talented people.

Why us?

We are Specialists and We know The Business.

We provide niche services, some of our skills are highlighted below.

  • Product Development
  • T24 Implmentation and Customisation
  • T24 Architecture and Technology Services
  • T24 System Performance Tuning
  • T24 Data Migration & Upgrades
  • T24 Business & Technical Consultancy