T24 Monitoring Suite

PULSE is a comprehensive monitoring solution for T24 from Nayamsoft. It features a rich dashboard that provides a 360° view of T24 enterprise systems in a single console with a secure connectivity framework. T24 activities and processes happening in the entire T24 eco-system are monitored real time and tracked. An exclusive Real User Monitoring (RUM) functionality is available to measure the End User Experience in T24 Browser.

Real User Monitoring (RUM) is a passive monitoring technology that records all user interaction with T24 Browser. Monitoring actual user interaction with T24 Browser is important for operators to determine if users are being served quickly, error free and if not which part of a business process is failing.

Pulse Real user monitoring monitors all major T24 components across all 3 layers (web,T24 and DB) and gives insight on performance issues, bottlenecks, avg elapsed time, deviations and IO information for each request sent from users PC. So Pulse monitors the request starting point until it comes back to the client. Data are stored in a database for further analysis and producing reports. These data can be utilized to data mining to understand the pattern of the whole T24 environment performance in production.

Realtime Monitoring of Browser & ARC-IB sessions are done graphically. Current T24 sessions activity details are tracked in detail with information like User ID, Branch code, Version name, IP Address, etc.

Multiple T24 application servers can be monitored together with their Hardware utilization statistics and details. Entire T24 traffic handled via all applications servers are monitored from a single console.

T24 User Licenses and active sessions are monitored graphically to track the maximum load in the system.

Top5 Transaction Metrics provides the highly utilized T24 processes in groups and in order.

Realtime I/O statistics are provided with current TAFC processes information.

Branch Monitor provides status of the branches that are Active, Idlo and No-contact made since the monitoring is started. Thus helping troubleshooting of remote branches connectivity

TAFC Monitor provides the jshell activity audit log with the jbase error information.

Reporting of User activity details with the Transactional, Erroneous, High reads. High writes & much more combination of activities can be done using the captured data.

COB Monitoring Suite provides 360 degree wholesome view to the COB process with complete visibility to all different activities involved in it.

Complete set of all possible information related to COB is captured and shown in PULSE thus helping users to monitor and track COB progress and performance at the same time. It also helps to predict possible problems that might occur by comparing previous COB information.


T24 Intelli-Data Engine

TIDE is a native T24 ETL solution from Nayamsoft. It features the fastest ODBC driver in which can communicate to T24 natively. Comprehensive multi-value handling, meta data modification, efficient load handling are the key features of TIDE. An exclusive ODBC access to T24 via our unique ODBC driver is available for third party applications. T24 xml data can be extracted directly from T24 xml oracle database and exported as relational database. External systems can execute extraction packages remotely using TIDE Client API.

T24 Tables will be listed with their meta-data information and the data export package can be prepared with complex selection conditions. Flexible data filters are available to export unique data. No T24 services (TSA.SERVICE) are requried to run and the information will be directly extracted by TIDE driver. Enhanced Meta-Data Viewer helps in analyzing the data properties prior to building extraction packages.

Multi-Value information can be stored as separate tables, separate group of table or all multi-values of a table can be kept in one table. Thus providing the most possible solution to export the T24 data into relational database format.

Sequencing of data pumping can be done for group of tables to export the data with related information. Dependent tables can be uploaded in order thus avoiding inconsistent data in the DW database. Select from a simple set of conditions as ‘What-Next’ in case of errors during extraction or conversion.

Package Builder helps to create from simple to complex extraction package definition. Multiple tables can be grouped to be extracted with selected list of fields with specific field properties. Start, Stop, Monitor and Cancel package execution from unified user interface.

Scalable processing units feature in the driver helps to scale up or down the processing units depending on the load of the data. Number of processing units can be defined per table depending on the hardware capability of the server. This unique feature provides the opportunity to make maximum use of the hardware resources available in the server.

Monitoring of the running packages are shown graphically with the estimated remaining processes and the current execution / extraction status information. Number of records processed per extraction are also available to track.

Exporting data to Oracle, DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server systems are supported.

CSV Extraction feature is available to extract T24 table data into comma separated valued text files, for the systems that support only file upload.

Email Alerts will be sent to package owners with the statistics of the package execution.

TIDE Client API is available to make package execution requests from T24 or any other third party DWH systems. This helps to kick start the ETL process after COB completion for T24 or if any third party DWH system wants to initiate ETL process in TIDE remotely.


Core Banking Alerts and Notification System

CORBAN is a flexible, easy to configure and highly customizable alerting solution for T24 from nayamsoft. Any event across all the T24 modules can be captured and sent via SMS / Email.

Automated Alerts

All configured alerts will be captured and sent to the gateways via CORBAN processor service. Each alert can be configured to be sent to SMS / EMAIL channels and the message format can be customized using style sheets. Every alert will have its own style sheet defined per channel thus providing the flexibility of customizing the notification format.

User Initiated Alerts

CORBAN has the unique functionality to send user initiated alerts directly from T24 screens. Users can contact customers from their T24 screens via SMS or EMAIL.