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The Company

Nayamsoft is a fintech solution provider driven by the data in and around T24 core banking system. We continuously explore ideas to improvise core banking with cutting edge technology. Our team lives, breathes innovation and excellence. We build products, provide expert solutions & services, above all else we value creativity and professionalism.

Built for T24

Our products are specially architected to work natively with the T24 Core Banking System.

Enterprise Ready

All our products are tested to fit into any size of the organization.

Scalable Architecture

Designed to scale along with your organization data and infrastructure growth.

Fully Responsive

Responsive front end to fit into your enterprise device screens.

Our Products

Thiral Enterprise consists of suite of products for T24 Monitoring, Analytics, Automation, Integration, Data Services and Alerts.


Stop looking at the core banking system from the traditional monitoring perspective. Thiral provides in-depth analysis of T24 system's performance.

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Turn core banking system's big data into actionable insights & comparative analysis. Incorporate streaming analytics on the CBS data flood.

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Automate all processes in T24, link them to external processes, schedule and manage them. Create on demand automations in T24.

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Connected banking processes come alive with Thiral integration services. Integrate any system into T24 and create workflow automations.

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Data Services

Extract, Transform and Load T24 data into External systems and vice versa. Make crucial business data available to connected systems.

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Create flexible, easy to configure and highly customizable alerts from T24 events. Send alerts to customers, internal users and connected systems.

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Thiral Monitoring Suite

Thiral monitoring solution for T24 from Nayamsoft features a rich dashboard that provides a 360° view of T24 enterprise systems in a single console with a secure connectivity framework. T24 activities and processes happening in the entire T24 eco-system are monitored real time and tracked. An exclusive Real User Monitoring (RUM) functionality is available to measure the End User Experience in T24 Browser.

Branches Active


Errors by Users


Network Load


Elapsed Time


Inactive Users





Disk Space

Thiral Analytics Suite

Are you ready to see the way your users use core banking system? With Thiral Analytics Suite, your bank gets a complete, panoramic view through a user-friendly, interactive and visual interface. That means you have a clear understanding of your users’ actions and preferences, giving you the insight to anticipate their needs and better inform the decision-making process.








Composite Screen


Tabbed Screen

Thiral Automation Suite

Automate T24 processes in your data center, regardless of hardware or platform. Connect different systems from different vendors to T24 without having to know how to use scripting and programming languages. Automate your IT operations and standardize best practices to improve operational efficiency. Visually design, run, monitor, schedule T24 automation payloads.

T24 Tasks

  • Call T24 Subroutines
  • Run T24 Programs
  • Start / Stop T24 Processes
  • Query Database
  • Run SSH Commands
  • Invoke Web Services
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  • Schedule Processes
  • Monitor Activities
  • Folder Monitoring
  • Email Alerts
  • Notification Channels
  • Extensive Logging
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  • Easy to Implement
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Reusable Workflow
  • Enterprise Security
  • Self Service
  • Reduced Costs
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Thiral Integration Suite

Our integration suite is a technology agnostic solution to interact natively with T24. Connect and collobrate from any system with T24.

Simple APIs.

Industry standard api access to T24 processes, tasks and operations.

Card Integrations

Integrate your national id, debit cards with T24. Do paperless transactions.

Cloud Integrations

Integrate T24 with cloud solutions, apps and apis.

Connected Systems

Create connected systems at ease. Send and Get informations across systems.

Thiral Data Services Suite

Discover, Cleanse, Enhance, Integrate, Extract, Transform and Consolidate your Enterprise data to be ready for business use with Thiral Data Services.

Our data services suite provides best-in-class functionality for data integration, quality, cleansing, and more. Explore the hidden possibilities of your data, transform it into a trusted, ever-ready resource for business insight & analytics. Use it to streamline the business processes and strengthen your data integrity.

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) T24 data

Maximise the value of your data

By enabling users to make confident decisions based on data they can trust.

Best in class technology support

Access and integrate T24 and Non-T24 data sources and targets at ease.

Native data handling

Unlock meaning from unstructured text data to increase business insight.

Visual package definitions

Easily create transformation packages to standardise, correct, and match data to reduce duplicates and identify relationships.

Simplified maintenance

Transform all types of data and leverage a centralised business rule repository and object reuse.

High performance and scalability

Meet high-volume needs with support for parallel processing and bulk data loading.

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Thiral Alerts Suite

Thiral Alerts Suite is a flexible, easy to configure and highly customizable alerting solution for T24 from nayamsoft. Any event across all the T24 modules can be captured and sent via SMS / Email / Notification Channels.

Static Alerts

E.g. Cheque stop alert

Transaction Alerts

E.g Account CR/DR alert

Periodic Alerts

E.g. Customer birthday alert

Internal Alerts

E.g. ATM cash low alert

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